Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire!

Very happy to announce that I've been accepted to show at the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire for 2012!

I showed both The LittleBirds Project and the Interactive Rug Loom last year - a great time was had by all, and by the end of the Faire, the Interactive Rug Loom was completely full of woven strips of T-shirt goodness, and we were able to finish off the edges of a complete rug to donate to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.

This year, however... no fiber arts for me - which is completely breaking my norm!  I'll be unveiling a brand new project, called Paint Chip Pixelization!

The human brain can identify objects it has already been exposed to with minimal information provided.  Paint Chip Pixelization explores this ability by modifying famous paintings to carry only 10 colors, and be composed entirely of 1.25" squares.  This removes all subtlety of color and shading, texture and shape.  Images may or may not be readily identified "up close and personal," depending on prior exposure, but backing away from the image, squinting, and use of optics can all assist in image identification.

Rather than just paint these myself or construct them from paper or cloth, I've repurposed hardware store paint chips - an item that is normally just thrown away once colors change out for the season or a personal project is completed.  In a way, painting a masterpiece with cast-off materials.

I'm offering up a sneak peek here so you can get the brain juices flowing.  This is the .jpeg created with the process I've been using for my very first "painting".  Can you identify it?

If you're in the Pittsburgh area or don't mind travelling, we'd love to see you at the Faire!  All the details on tickets, travel, participants and more is available at the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire website.  Hope to see you there!

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